Song for Ukraine

Album art by Lesleigh Memmel


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“Walk That Walk (Song for Ukraine 2022)” — is inspired by the events and stories of February and March 2022 in Ukraine. As we watch the war and the horror of what is happening on the ground there, WE, 13 artists from around the world, have come together to make this anthem about freedom and courage.

We are inspired by the resistance and heart that has been on display for all the world to see from our free Ukrainian brothers and sisters. The Ukrainian people (and those on the ground in Russia protesting the war) are showing what it means to fight for liberty, and to stand against evil action.

Lift it. Sing it. Live it… Walk That Walk.
Love, Tony Memmel, Crucificxo, and The WorldWide Choir

“Walk That Walk (Song for Ukraine 2022)”
Written, recorded, and performed by: Tony Memmel, Crucificxo, and The WorldWide Choir
Video directed by: Tony Memmel
© 2022 All rights reserved.


Tony Memmel

The WorldWide Choir is:
Andrea Rosales
Steven Stark Music
Manzi Cross
Benjamin Spartos
Ebenezer Sani
Ssemanda Nathan
Philippa Bulus
Katie Kolberg Memmel
Todd Memmel
Lesleigh Memmel
Tony Memmel

Music in our Schools Month

March is “Music in our Schools Month”

I’m THRILLED to be hitting the road this month to celebrate “Music in our Schools Month” all across the country! Thank you for inviting me to share my music and story with your students!

March 10th, 2022
Tamarack Elementary

Owensboro, KY
Private event

March 11th, 2022
East View Elementary

Owensboro, KY
Private event

March 15th, 2022
University of Georgia – Tate Theatre

Athens, GA
Free and open to the public
Event info and RSVP

March 21st – March 25th, 2022
Thomas White Elementary & Martin G. Atkins Elementary
Songwriting Artist in Residence
Saginaw, MI
Private event

March 28th, 2022
Farragut Primary School
Knoxville, TN
Private event


587 Google Docs pages…

I just went through my entire blog on this site, then copied it word for word and photo by photo into a Google Doc. It’s 587 pages long! That’s 587 pages of stories of my family, life on the road, successes and challenges. 13 years of life, music, ministry, teaching, and business.

I’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes on some new changes to (The new site will rollout by April 2022.). I hope the refresh will make these stories easier to navigate, and will help you find the words, music, photos, and videos that inspire you and elevate your day.

In the meantime… thank you for sharing your favorite Tony Memmel songs, videos, and blogs with your friends. I love serving this community!

Your friend,


VoyageHouston Magazine Article and Exciting News!

EXCITING NEWS!  I’m taking on an increased role with one of my favorite places in the world: Camp Blessing Texas, and it’s in the news!

Camp Blessing hosts and serves people with special needs from all over the country.

Check out this great new interview I was grateful to do with Voyage Houston Magazine that tells more of the story of this exciting partnership!


Please feel free to share if it moves you, if you know someone with special needs, or a family who could benefit from knowing more about this awesome ministry.


Now booking virtual & in-person programs

MESSAGE US TODAY! Want me to visit your school, business, church group, or event? I’m scheduling virtual programs (AND in-person, where possible).

Let’s bring some inspiring speaking, songs, and teaching to your community.


*Feel free to share with your friends and families*

See you soon!

We’re headed to Texas!

Texas Tour – October 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we are headed out on tour this fall to the great state of TEXAS! I will be speaking in schools, churches, and communities in Houston, Frisco, Dallas, Brenham, and more to be announced soon…

Thank you to the generous support of No Limbitations – Texas and the families who have fundraised to make these events possible. We are so excited to see our Texas friends soon!


October 2nd, 2021
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Houston, TX
Concert and conversation co-event with Katie Kolberg Memmel
FREE and open to the public

October 4th, 2021
Wilchester Elementary
Houston, TX
Private event

October 5th, 2021
Ashford Child Enrichment Center
Houston, TX
Private event

October 6th, 2021
Nottingham Elementary
Houston, TX
Private event

October 7th, 2021
Isbell Elementary
Frisco, TX
Private event

October 12th, 2021
Ashley Elementary
Frisco, TX
Private event

October 29th – 31st, 2021
Camp Blessing Texas
Family Camp
Brenham, TX
CLICK HERE to register!

“Yeehaw! I a cowboy!” – Theo Memmel, age 2

Happy Lefthanders Day!

Happy #LeftHanders Day! Did you know that I’m left-handed?! Here’s some Tony Trivia:

When I was a baby, I saw an occupational therapist to assist with some crawling techniques. The OT and other doctors determined that I would have been left-handed, if I’d been born with a left hand.

Another fun fact: I play guitar left-handed, but I play AIR guitar right-handed. 🙂