Great Fan Review

One of our biggest fans, Scott Bredin, posted a wonderful fan review of my new EP “yours and mine” that got posted on Country Music Tattle Tale (A HUGE online music source)!

We’re very thankful for Scott’s review and we appreciate him sharing it with us.

Check out the wonderful review HERE

Listen to and buy our new critically acclaimed EP “yours and mine” HERE

Owen’s Song

I have been friends with the Medal/Bissing family for many years. Our lives have been somewhat entwined as we grew up in the same town, went to school together, were involved in after-school-extra-curricular activities, and are members of the same church. They’ve been especially supportive of me and my music and have attended more of my shows than anyone I know, except for my own mom and dad.

This past May my friend, Melissa Bissing, tragically lost her son, Owen. He was only 6.5 months old. I sang at the funeral and was a first hand witness of the strength of the entire family.

Little warrior, of Sussex, was born on Nov. 10, 2010, in Waukesha, and passed away in the arms of family and friends on May 26, 2011, at Children’s Hospital. He was son to Doug and Melissa Bissing, triplet brother to Weston and Logan, and little brother to Jaden. Grandson to Linda and George Medal and Pamela and David Bissing. Nephew to Rachael Medal, Jake Medal, Sherri Bissing and Eric Bissing. G
reat-grandson to Alice Vanden Langenberg and Lois Bissing. Great-nephew to Darleen and Ernie Tarmann.

During his short stay on Earth, Owen was a lover. His laid-back personality and smile brought joy to many. His last days were filled with warmth, family and friends. He ended his earthly journey but will live on in others. Owen’s last battle gave his heart, liver and kidneys as a final offering. Owen will be missed by so many, but his story lives on.


I wrote “Owen’s Song” and especially dedicate it to the Bissings and Medals. I also hope that everyone who has experienced loss can find hope and peace in the music and lyrics.

I encourage you to please download the song as it is a fundraiser for the Bissing Family Relief Fund. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Melissa’s blog, I encourage you to do so. It is some of the most sincere and honest writing I’ve read. Click here to view Melissa’s blog.


“Owen’s Song”

As the sun sets in the sky
brightens up the deepest night.
Orange flowers by the road
I smile to myself and know

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.

Somedays I still get bogged down
fog so thick it’s water now.
I carry on. I go on my way.
I think about you every day.

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.

Jesus, can ya hear me sing?
Why is all this happening?
We were all just born to run
we’ll still be dancin’ way after the music’s done.

You’re already home
and I’ll be with you when the day is done.

Featured Song of the Week “fuels the fire”

This week’s featured song from my new EP is called “fuels the fire.” Reminder: Keep checking in over the next few weeks as I give you some insight into where my songs came from. I hope you enjoy them!

As many of you know, many of my songs are about my personal experiences with love, relationships, and family. I am glad to have many sweet songs that speak kindly of love – as I have been fortunate. I also have had my share of difficult relationships.  This song is about the struggle and challenges that are a part of falling in and out of love.

I know, lyrically, that it is on the darker side of my song-spectrum but I am very excited to share the performance of this song with you. I do hope you enjoy it. It’s something that I think anyone who’s experienced love has probably felt and can hopefully relate to.

Longing for breath and now the sky is getting dark and
the weight of all the world falls on my shoulders.
I shouldered the blame.
Haunting my thoughts at night, I see you when I close my eyes.
But you made these choices, the course stays the same.
The box I kept is emptied out
and your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.

This heat is bittersweet, climbed in the driver’s seat
and I slammed on the brakes, you drew conclusions and then signed your name.
I risked all that I had, now, I’ve got nothing left
And the choices that I made, only fanned the flames.
It’s warm where you were, on the couch,
and what we had it burns like fire, now.

Maybe the answer is somewhere between…
But the smoke, it lifted, and stung when I breathed. It still stings when I breathe.

I’m all alone tonight, in what I think is right
and I’ve been here before there’s so much to lose in hoping for gain.
An old familiar tune that I’ve been marching to (one two)
My blood’s in these verses, my bones the refrain.
The box I kept is emptied out.
And your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.

Backstage Beat Reviews “Yours and Mine”

Thrilled to have this wonderful review of “yours and mine” from Backstage Beat! Check out this clip…

“While the vocals and gorgeous lyrics are certainly the focus here, the instrumentation is brilliant, as well. Simple – bordering on minimal, the music is produced with the restraint that comes with maturity and confidence. Tony Memmel knows what he is doing, and he does it well.”

Read the entire review and see Lesleigh’s and my late-night video concert by clicking HERE

Featured Song – “Burnt Bridges”

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post individual tracks from my new EP ” yours and mine” here at I hope that you’ll enjoy a closer look at the music and lyrics. Feel free to share these songs with your friends!

Burnt Bridges

These lies were built on sand
When we made our last stand
You flicked me like a cigarette
blind-sided by the light
ash in my eyes
It pays to have foresight
I’m on my guard all the time…

Then you open your mouth a spitting image of you
Burnt bridges. I love you. But I’m tired. Burnt Bridges

Your adolescent groans
In a glass house throwin’ stones
and you’ve shattered every window
I’ve never been a fan
It’s tattooed in my hand
Driftin’ no sign of land
It’s hard to be the bigger man… 



Fun ‘n’ Fit Disability Resource Fair

On Tuesday October 18th I am going to be performing my music and manning my own booth at the Fun n Fit Disability Resource Fair in Kenosha, WI. I’ll be sharing with the folks at the fair how I adapted and learned to play guitar, insights into my songwriting, and more.

Here is a clip from a news article about the fair:

The third annual Fun ‘N Fit Disability Resource Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Kenosha YMCA, 7101 53rd St. There is no admission fee.

The 2009 National Champion UW Whitewater Warhawks Wheelchair Basketball team will perform from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be a Zumba demonstration at 2:30 p.m. as well as Silver Sneakers, Rock Climbing, Yoga and chair massages provided by the YMCA. Jeff LaDow, a best-selling mouth painter in the United States, will demonstrate his ability to paint pictures using his mouth to hold the brush. There will be interactive exhibits with adaptive sports and fitness equipment to try out. A raffle will be held and food will be sold.

Free transportation is available from the Kenosha Achievement Center by calling (262) 658-9093.