Tony to speak at annual Disability Awareness Banquet


Society’s Assets – an Independent Living Center, providing   comprehensive services to assist people with living independently –    sponsors a banquet each year during Disability Awareness Week to    recognize the abilities of people with disabilities and to promote the    removal of barriers for people with disabilities. I am honored to be the    Keynote Speaker at this year’s event.

Check out this news article about the event! (Click Here)


Lesleigh WINS!!!

Photo By: Lesleigh Memmel and Tony Memmel

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows is releasing a solo record, and HE CALLED ON HIS FANS TO DESIGN the front and back cover ARTWORK. There were over 1,400 submissions. Last night, he narrowed it all the way down to two covers because he said that he “couldn’t live without either one.” They will both be pressed for a limited edition release — 500 vinyl copies of each selection, and also available for digital download. LESLEIGH’S ARTWORK HAS BEEN CHOSEN for the official album artwork for Adam Duritz’s “All My Bloody Valentines” !!!

Here’s what he had to say on the band’s Facebook page:

“Lesleigh’s heart is perfectly jarring in its artificiality, a cold reminder of the holiday itself sometimes, but the back, broken pieces scattered about, is a more fragile Valentine.”

We are so excited about this! We both worked very hard on this project, and we are so thrilled to have our work featured on one of our biggest influences’ new project. Adam Duritz has made the album available for free download, so please check it out. Thanks so much for reading!

Click here to listen to and download “All My Bloody Valentines” by Adam Duritz.

Recent Good News!

Photo By: Lesleigh & Tony Memmel

I’m excited and greatful to report that we’ve recently had a number of GLOWING news pieces about our music. Please take a moment and read these wonderful posts! As always, please feel free to leave a note!

Awesome review (from an awesome blog) of our new record “Here We Go”

Feature piece and interview in one of Milwaukee’s most popular news sources!

Great interview feature piece. One of our best to date!

Very complimentary blog about me and my music

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