We’re Going To Be On TV!

Hey All,

We’re being filmed today for a new TV show called “Brew City Bands.” We’ll be the featured band on the show, which will air on cable television, during the month of July! Details to come.


Lesleigh WINS!!!

Photo By: Lesleigh Memmel and Tony Memmel

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows is releasing a solo record, and HE CALLED ON HIS FANS TO DESIGN the front and back cover ARTWORK. There were over 1,400 submissions. Last night, he narrowed it all the way down to two covers because he said that he “couldn’t live without either one.” They will both be pressed for a limited edition release — 500 vinyl copies of each selection, and also available for digital download. LESLEIGH’S ARTWORK HAS BEEN CHOSEN for the official album artwork for Adam Duritz’s “All My Bloody Valentines” !!!

Here’s what he had to say on the band’s Facebook page:

“Lesleigh’s heart is perfectly jarring in its artificiality, a cold reminder of the holiday itself sometimes, but the back, broken pieces scattered about, is a more fragile Valentine.”

We are so excited about this! We both worked very hard on this project, and we are so thrilled to have our work featured on one of our biggest influences’ new project. Adam Duritz has made the album available for free download, so please check it out. Thanks so much for reading!

Click here to listen to and download “All My Bloody Valentines” by Adam Duritz.

A Different Sort Of News…

Photo By: Lesleigh Memmel and Tony Memmel

The lovely and talented Lesleigh Memmel took the lead on this one – Really awesome news: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows is releasing a solo record, and HE’S CALLED ON HIS FANS TO DESIGN the front and back cover ARTWORK. There were over 1,200 submissions, and WE ARE IN THE TOP 25 FINALISTS!! We find out the results in the next few days. This is our submission. Wish us luck. 🙂



Photo By: Lesleigh & Tony Memmel

Tony Memmel and His Band is embarking on a week-long tour of our home state! To kick things off, we’ll be making a LIVE TV APPEARANCE on Fox 6 Real Milwaukee this Monday Feb. 28th at 9am! If you live in or around any of these cities, it’d be great to see some familiar faces. Bring your friends and family and we’ll all have a great time! Here’s the schedule!

Feb 28, 2011
9:00 AM TV Performance – Fox 6 Real Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
Mar 1, 2011 Tuesday 5:00 PM WSUW 91.7 FM – Radio Interview Whitewater, WI
Mar 1, 2011 Tuesday 8:00 PM UW Whitewater – Jitters Coffeehouse Whitewater, WI
Mar 3, 2011 Thursday 8:00 PM Paradigm Coffee & Music Sheboygan, WI
Mar 4, 2011 Friday 7:30 PM Stumpjack Coffee Two Rivers
Mar 5, 2011 Saturday 7:00 PM Attic Books and Coffee Green Bay, WI

Request us on your favorite radio station!

Photo By: Tony Memmel

What’s your favorite radio station? Does it cater to independent music? If so, let us know and we’ll get them a copy of our new album. You can currently call and request us on ANY of these stations!!!

88.7  WLUW The Razor and Di Show (Chicago, IL)
89.7  WUWM “Lake Effect” (Milwaukee, WI)
88.9  Radio Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)
90.3 WRST (Oshkosh, WI)
91.7  WMSE (Milwaukee, WI)
91.7  WSUW The Edge (Whitewater, WI)
96.9 The Fox-(Fox Homegrown) Fox Valley, WI
99.7 WIMI (Ironwood, MI)
102.1  WLUM “The Scene” (Milwaukee, WI)
102.3 WJMS (Ironwood, MI)
102.7  WMOM (#1 most requested song July 2010) (Ludington,MI)
103.9 WLEN (Adrian, MI)
104.5 WCCX Carroll University Radio (Waukesha, WI)
106.1 WMIL – Sunday evenings (Milwaukee, WI)
1620 AM The Seagull- Radio Airplay, Harlingen, Netherlands
Neon Productions Radio on MusicToGoUSA.com

February Songwriting Challenge

I was recently asked to participate in my friend (and fellow songwriter) Timmy Riordon’s annual “Songbomb” Songwriting Challenge. Every February he challenges himself to write 28 songs in the 28 days of February. This is a VERY difficult and time consuming task to challenge yourself to do.

In order to encourage him along the way, he asks his songwriter friends to contribute a song on a respective day of the month to help keep him focused on the final goal. Today is my day to help him on his quest!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO HIS WEBSITE AND TO HEAR WHAT I CAME UP WITH. Also be sure to check out ALL of Timmy’s songs from the month so far and the other talented writers who have contributed.

Tim and I challenged ourselves to write a song on the topic of “adversity” and/or “overcoming adversity.” Enjoy!