NEW ALBUM! – “This One’s For The Kids”

Our BRAND NEW ALBUM, “This One’s For The Kids,” is available NOW!

EXCITING NEWS!! We released a BRAND NEW ALBUM today!

This One’s For The Kids” is a rockin’, fun, full-length album with new takes on old favorites, and original songs that I hope you’ll love! I had so much fun writing, arranging, and recording these songs. Can’t wait to share them with you all…

We’re releasing this album digitally, which means it’s only available online right now. You can stream the full album HERE:

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Thank you for listening and sharing. We hope you like it!!


Tony & Lesleigh 

Three countries. Three weeks. And a Trio abroad.

We just hit cruising altitude on our first of three flights in the next 24 hours. Tennessee looks green and pretty, and the warm sun feels good on my shoulders and face as it pours in through my airplane window…

Three countries. Three weeks. And a Trio abroad.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Jordan… An all new region for everyone in the band. We’re practicing how to say “hello, please, thank you” and other useful phrases in Azerbaijani, and resting up for this first stop on our mission ahead.

From our briefing calls, and from previous tours I’ve done, I’m so excited and know some of what to expect… yet at the same time, there’s nothing routine about it. I know we’ll be sharing music, visiting hospitals, schools, and working with many people with different backgrounds, differences, and abilities/diff-abilities. I also know we’ll experience new thrills, new highs, and probably some new challenges as we go.

There’s also a new, personal element for me on this tour in that it is my first international expedition where I’ll be apart from my wife, Lesleigh, and baby boy, Theo. I’ve appreciated ALL of the messages, prayers, and encouragement and want to say this as I depart today:

I am so blessed to have a friend and teammate in Lesleigh who believes in the same mission and has faith and perspective that even though this time apart isn’t EASY, it is IMPORTANT. 

I’m also so grateful for my son and the encouragement that he gives in his own way, when I tour. It gives me such joy when I FaceTime with them and he laughs and pulls the camera close to his face to be closer to me.

With all of that gratitude in mind, I proceed. Clear-headed and confident. I focus on the path that lies ahead, prepare to be the best ambassador for the U.S. that I can possibly be, and to serve with a very full heart.

Here we go!


I co-wrote this piece with the students at Huntley Elementary School in Appleton, WI, during my recent Artist Residency there.

After brainstorming music and lyric concepts to speak into the city-wide Dignity and Respect campaign that’s currently underway, this is the song we created.

From first idea to completion, I worked with every single class to finish our piece in just four school days. It was so much fun to write with the eager, bright young people at Huntley Elementary School.

I recorded the students’ voices (heard here) during the final assembly and WORLD DEBUT of the song, then brought those tracks to my studio in TN, where I recorded the rest of the arrangement.

Thank you for liking, and sharing!

Appleton, Wisconsin Dignity and Respect Campaign #dignity #respect #dignityandrespectcampaign

A Three Country Tour!

HUGE NEWS! I’m headed out on tour to three countries this April! Tony Memmel and His Band are incredibly honored to be representing the United States as music ambassadors, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State, Arts Envoy, and American Voices.

We leave April 6th for a 3-week tour of AZERBAIJAN, GEORGIA, and JORDAN. We can’t wait to share our adventure with you all! 

With Theo being so little, Lesleigh and I have decided that it would be wise for her to stay at home in the U.S. with him (where she feels deeply called to be at this time), SOOOO… we’ll be introducing you to our friend and new percussionist, Alex Nixon (pictured here), who will be making the trip with us. And, of course, you remember our dear pal, Joey, from our previous international touring.

Thank you for all of your love and support as we embark on this adventure to spread music and to work with youth around the globe. As we pursue this mission, we’ll certainly appreciate your prayers and thoughts in the weeks ahead. 

Tony, Lesleigh, Theo, 
(AND Joey and Alex, too.)

Big news from our family

Photo by Alison Weakley

Hard work is a pillar of the message that I bring when I have opportunities to speak and share music around the world. My wife, Lesleigh, is one of the hardest working people I know.

She began working as a nurse the year we got married. For 10 years, she’s worked in two hospitals, and has been a respected Neuro Critical Care nurse.

Many of you here on this page know her best through her work with me… she’s a singer, pianist, percussionist, producer, teacher, photographer, graphic designer, and her list of talents and gifts goes on…

Last November, our son Theo was born, and she has flourished in her role of being the best mom she can be to him. For the past four months, Lesleigh has been a full time working, touring Mom. She’s said, “I feel that God has put a new calling on my heart.”

It’s always been our goal to do this work that we do… together. Theo has been well-suited for this life, and he’s plugged right into our little family band.

After much prayer, thought, conversation, budgeting and budgeting again, we have made a large decision… Lesleigh will be leaving her nursing job after her final shift this Saturday to pursue her new calling as Theo’s mom, and to work full time, side-by-side with me.

We thank you for your love and support during this journey: from starting as a touring duo, to growing into a trio. You fuel us forward, and we can’t wait to grow and go where we are called to be… as a family.

Tony, Lesleigh, and Theo

A Word of Encouragement

To my Lucky Fin Friends who’ve had a hard week in the face of adversity, having been called “deformed” (and a number of other grievances that have been shared), I offer this encouragement: 

I’ve performed and spoken in stadiums, theaters, hospitals, and schools all over the world, and I’ve heard every question and been called most every term under the sun. 🙂

This lesson has stuck with me: the kid who walks in the classroom and shouts “gross” when he first sees me, is often the one stuffing his hand in his shirt wanting to be just like Tony Memmel ten minutes after hearing me speak and play guitar. 

Develop a thick skin AND remain patient, confident, and kind in the face of adversity. That is when the world turns its head and asks the question, “What does he have that I don’t, and how can I be more like that?” That is how hearts and minds are changed. 

Furthermore, occurrences like this are a good gut-check, and give me good cause to examine what TRUE JOY and confidence are built upon. 

For me it starts with my faith, then my family and friends who speak truth to me in love. To paraphrase the proverb: The fool builds his house upon the sand. The wise man builds his house upon the rock. 

Each day moving forward, make a pledge that no comment a stranger says will impact your day, rattle your confidence, or distract you from your goal. 

When faced with a choice to be bitter or sarcastic, to stew or commiserate, choose the opposite path… it is a choice. It will change your life. 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this community. 



Wisconsin Public Radio Feature

Artist-In-Residence at Crestwood Elementary – Madison, WI (Photo by Brad Kolberg- WPR)

Exciting news! Wisconsin Public Radio featured a piece on my work, my ministry, and my work with non-profits and people around the world.

Click HERE to read/listen to the piece!

Want to Hear My Take on Baby Shark!?

The Baby Shark craze has made it’s way to my new project at Kidspace Studios. KS Studios is a newly assembled team of teachers, parents (and I), creating new music and animation every week made just for kids and families.

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