FINALISTS: Radio Milwaukee Music Awards

Two weeks ago, we announced that we were nominated in 4 categories in this year’s Radio Milwaukee Music Awards. We are very excited to announce that we’ve been chosen as FINALISTS in all 4 categories:

– Album of the Year
– Solo Artist of the Year
– Best Album Artwork
– Best Live Show

The winners will be announced at the award ceremony at Turner Hall Ballroom – Wednesday, November 28th – 8:00pm — we’d love to see you there! Click HERE to get tickets.

Thank you for voting for us!

Tony and the band


Featured Song of the Week “fuels the fire”

This week’s featured song from my new EP is called “fuels the fire.” Reminder: Keep checking in over the next few weeks as I give you some insight into where my songs came from. I hope you enjoy them!

As many of you know, many of my songs are about my personal experiences with love, relationships, and family. I am glad to have many sweet songs that speak kindly of love – as I have been fortunate. I also have had my share of difficult relationships.  This song is about the struggle and challenges that are a part of falling in and out of love.

I know, lyrically, that it is on the darker side of my song-spectrum but I am very excited to share the performance of this song with you. I do hope you enjoy it. It’s something that I think anyone who’s experienced love has probably felt and can hopefully relate to.

Longing for breath and now the sky is getting dark and
the weight of all the world falls on my shoulders.
I shouldered the blame.
Haunting my thoughts at night, I see you when I close my eyes.
But you made these choices, the course stays the same.
The box I kept is emptied out
and your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.

This heat is bittersweet, climbed in the driver’s seat
and I slammed on the brakes, you drew conclusions and then signed your name.
I risked all that I had, now, I’ve got nothing left
And the choices that I made, only fanned the flames.
It’s warm where you were, on the couch,
and what we had it burns like fire, now.

Maybe the answer is somewhere between…
But the smoke, it lifted, and stung when I breathed. It still stings when I breathe.

I’m all alone tonight, in what I think is right
and I’ve been here before there’s so much to lose in hoping for gain.
An old familiar tune that I’ve been marching to (one two)
My blood’s in these verses, my bones the refrain.
The box I kept is emptied out.
And your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.

Oklahoma and Back To Milwaukee

I hope you’re doing well and staying cool despite the hot weather EVERYWHERE! Things have been going well for us! We’re currently working on a number of huge projects…

Lesleigh and I just returned home from a week in Oklahoma. Several months ago, we were contaced by some folks who were putting together a benefit concert/a day to honor a veteran named Rusty Dunagan who lost three limbs in the war and just recently returned home. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE.

It was a very powerful day and we are proud to have been a part of it!


Also, I’ll be doing a solo show this weekend in my hometown of Waukesha, WI. Mark your calendars! Here are the details:

Sat. August 13th
Sprizzo Cafe
Waukesha, WI

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next couple of weeks! Take care!

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