Happy Thanksgiving!

This video features artist friends of mine from across the United States as we come together to virtually celebrate Thanksgiving and Gratitude. It’s the largest piece I’ve directed.


  • 11 AMA Alumni Artists make appearances in this film! 
  • Footage was collected from those artists in 8 U.S. Cities!
  • 30+ audio tracks were assembled to make up the “Family” track!
  • 100+ Video Files were assembled to make up the full film!

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Bright Bright Light

M U S T W A T C H ! A tornado and a global pandemic can’t dim the light that’s shining from MNPS Dodson Elementary. It’s my joy to present “BRIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT,” the BRAND NEW SONG and MUSIC VIDEO that I co-wrote with 360 students as an artist-in-residence.

This footage captures the exciting classroom atmosphere as we crafted the song, showcases student artwork, and shows the hard work and fun that went into this special project. The students were SO excited that this song would eventually be recorded and shared… Let’s shed some light today! Thank you for sharing far and wide!

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R E S I L I E N C E : On March 2nd, I began a 2-week songwriting residency at Dodson Elementary in Nashville, TN. We set out to create a brand new song with the entire school. The students and I wrote the chorus on day one: “I’ll Be the Bright, Bright Light,” a song about courage, kindness, joy, and strength.

That night, the #NashvilleTornado hit the Dodson community hard. Dozens of families lost their homes or were displaced. School was closed for the remainder of the week. The following week, we picked up where we left off, knowing that we had important work to do: we had to finish this song. Three days later, due to COVID-19, schools were closed indefinitely.

For the past several weeks, I have been coordinating with the music teacher, Tracy Roberts, and working to complete the song that these students poured their hearts into.

**Thank you to the community of special sponsors that made this completed project possible.**

“GROSS!!!” (Parts 1 + 2) Encouraging Story From My Teaching Experience


“GROSS!” (Part 1 of 2) #foryou #fy #vlog #wednesdaywisdom #wisdom #christian #teacher #patience #allthedifference #gross #limbdifference #howto

? original sound – tonymemmel

“GROSS!” (Part 2 of 2) #foryou #fy #vlog #wednesdaywisdom #wisdom #christian #teacher #patience #allthedifference #gross #limbdifference #howto

? original sound – tonymemmel

Veterans Day Tribute

Silhouette of a Soldier Video Created by: Tracy Roberts
Writers: Tracy Roberts (Lyrics) & Tony Memmel (Music)
Artist: Tony Memmel

Story Behind The Music: Tracy Roberts is a school teacher colleague that I’ve had the joy to work with on multiple successful programs. This summer, she reached out about working together on a different sort of project – a song.

She’d written lyrics about her own military family’s story that she’d worked on for years, and asked if I’d be interested in writing some music for them. Touched by the lyrical content and sincerity, I happily agreed to the project, and this recording is what became of “Silhouette of a Soldier.” This Veteran’s Day we celebrate those who’ve served, and share this song and video about the unique love and bond that exists between soldiers and their families.

**We thank the families who contributed photos to this video.**

© 2019 Tony Memmel (ASCAP) & Tracy Roberts. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.