With the help of Director Robert Brandt, I’ve launched a new series of Music Video releases, in 2015. Check these out, like and share, if you’re willing. Thank you for your constant support!

NEW VIDEO Featuring The Madison Youth Choirs

Tony Memmel & His Band with the Madison Youth Choirs
“Overture” and “Here We Go”
Directed by: Jon Kline

Note to the viewer: In 2011, I was invited to be an Artist In Residence with the Madison Youth Choirs ( This meant that throughout the fall semester we worked through choral arrangements of songs that I’ve written, talked about musicianship and songwriting, and (perhaps most importantly) about overcoming adversity in life.

Working with the students on a regular basis, fielding their questions, and hearing my music come to life in this exciting way has left a deep imprint on me. As you can imagine, the final concert was one of the most memorable musical experiences of my life.

Thank you for watching,
Tony Memmel