“Earthshaker” – songwriting collaboration with YES Academy Nigeria and Tony Memmel

INSPIRATIONAL! MUST SEE: Young music business professionals in Nigeria and Nashville recording artist, Tony Memmel, work together across the world on a large scale songwriting project. We’ve never met outside of Zoom, but through amazing, modern technology, I assembled hundreds of recordings and videos from microphones and mobile phones to produce the project. This is what we created. So much love to these amazing EARTHSHAKERS!

?? Tony Memmel (aka Baba Tee)

YES! Academy Uganda Virtual is underway!

Speaking and teaching with YES! Academy Uganda Virtual

YES! Academy Uganda Virtual is underway!

Had a GREAT morning teaching and working with these incredible musicians from ALL across the world! WE ARE:

•Los Angeles

Honored to be teaching and working with this incredible group of educators and musicians!

Can’t wait to share what we work on over the next few weeks!

YES! Academy Uganda Virtual

Behind the scenes in my home studio

Getting deeply in touch with my inner mad-scientist!

Been hard at work in the studio preparing to be an instructor at YES Academy Uganda!

Working in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Kampala and artists from around Uganda, this all-virtual program is testing the very heights of what is possible in virtual teaching and cross-world music collaboration!

I’ll be sharing posts about the people I meet, the excitements, the challenges, and the innermost details of the virtual journey we’re embarking on.

Here we go!